Climate change

Biodiversity conservation



Environmental health

The environmental health problems in Latin America involve both unmet needs, such as basic sanitation, and increasing needs for environmental protection, which have become more serious due to intensive urbanization in an environment characterized by unbridled economic development. This theme is directed to the prevention of diseases and improvement of health in the environments.

FunBEA’s Environmental Health Program aims to articulate the health issue with important and urgent environmental issues such as climate change, the use of pesticides, air and water pollution, which cause, among many impacts, hospitalizations and deaths related to respiratory and cardiac diseases. We seek to strengthen and create public policies in the urban and rural environment, moving towards more sustainable and resilient societies.

We work with the Unified Health concept, that is, human health, animal health and environmental health need to be considered in a unified way, connecting the respective areas of knowledge and social sectors involved.

Thus, the interfaces and contributions of EA with Environmental Health are anchored in the field of studies and practices involving environmental degradation, social inequality and pandemics, anchored in the mode of production and unsustainable consumption for natural resources.