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Biodiversity conservation



Biodiversity conservation

Forests and coastal areas protect all of us. They offer economically important and climate-regulating ecosystem services such as water, non-timber forest products and carbon to millions of people.

The Biodiversity Conservation Program works with communities, collectives and social organizations. It strengthens actions and the involvement of Caiçara populations, Quilombola communities weakened by disordered urban impacts, with the proposal of integrating conservation, environmental education and public policies.

In recent years, FunBEA has been working on the conservation of:

  • 2,219,400 ha of native vegetation area
  • 199 Conservation Units
  • 89 Indigenous Lands
  • 66 rivers and streams
  • 10 coastal ecosystems (dunes, beaches, wetlands, estuaries, restinga regions, mangroves, rocky shores, lagoons and marshes)

Program initiatives

Coast Protection

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Coastal Map of Environmental Education and Virtual Reality

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Public Participation in the Conservation of the Cerrado and Pantanal regions

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